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Modular living wall system


Aimed at mitigating impact of the shopping centre's auditory and visual impact on local residents, the living wall provides aesthetic and ecological benefits to the retail complex. In addition the wall contributes to air filtration, noise reduction and cooling in hot weather.


A modular-cellular system using 0.5m x 0.5m pre-planted panels is used to facilitate speed of construction and practicality for maintenance. Plant species vary depending on the exposure of each wall. North facing walls use predominantly native woodland plants, primarily ferns with seasonal interest added with species such as bergenias, snowdrops and anemones.

On southern faces, sun-loving species such as red fescue, sedum, honeysuckle and vinca are used.


1,275 sq.m.


Irrigation and maintenance:
Irrigation provided by emitter line with water collection chambers controlled by electronic control system. Maintenance visits provided monthly to monitor and adjust the irrigation according to season, calibrate plant feeder, provide any insect control and remove any weed growth. Pruning is carried out consistent with time of year.

Westfield Shopping Centre

Shepherd’s Bush, London

Living modular green wall at Westfield
Scotscape living wall at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush
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