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Library of Birmingham,

Centenary Square, Birmingham

Library of Birmingham green wall hoarding
Facade greening by Mobilane

Climbing façade and modular living wall systems

While the construction work continues on the new Library of Birmingham a living wall has been installed in Centenary Square to conceal the site and make it more attractive, while adding environmental sustainability to the construction process.


The 5m high hoardings around the site feature a mixture of climbing façade and modular living wall systems. The lower 2.8m of the hoardings are covered by pre-grown ivy screens, which are particularly robust to stop vandals and fly posters from damaging the hoardings. The modular living wall system covers the top 2.2m of the hoardings and features a variety of plants. The system used is a modular construction with panels that are easily adjusted and secured by an aluminium frame. Planting uses a specially developed substrate, designed to enable the plants to establish and thrive in the system.

100 sq.m.


Irrigation and maintenance:
Drip irrigation line with computer-controller. Site visit every two months to monitor and adjust the irrigation, provide any insect control and prune the plants.

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