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Climbing façade system


As part of its commitment to excellence in the environmental management of construction, Crossrail commission this project to enhance the greenery around their site at Park Lane as well as providing additional control of the noise and dust pollution in the area.


Green ivy plants pre-grown for 2.5 years over a galvanised wire mesh framework were used to as a quick and effective solution for covering the hoarding around the site. Future growth of the ivy will continue up over the wooden hoarding providing a full 3m high ‘hedge’ around the Crossrail site.

300 sq.m.


Irrigation and maintenance:
Drip irrigation line with basic battery operated timer. Site visit every 4-6 weeks to monitor and adjust the irrigation, provide any insect control and prune the screens.

Crossrail storage site, Park Lane, London

Crossrail dust suppression at Park Lane
Urban greening by Vertical Meadows at Park Lane
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