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Modular living wall system

Transport for London commissioned green wall to counter air pollution on the corner of Edgware and Marylebone Roads, funded by the government’s Clean Air Fund. Fifteen species of plants have been chosen (with a mixture of evergreen and perennial) and their performance is being monitored by researchers from Imperial College. Species were chosen with smaller leaf shapes and ‘hairy’ textures because these are known to be good air filters.

The plants are grown vertically in a modular hydroponic system that is designed for low water use and low maintenance. These are planted in a peat-free substrate supported by a structure incorporating an Ecosheet waterproof backing that is made in the UK from recycled materials. Initially plants in the wall include Munsted lavender, geraniums, lamb’s ears, heuchera and veronica.

200 sq.m.


Irrigation and maintenance:
Plants are drip-fed twice a day a remote controlled irrigation system. A remote server logs all water timings and provides the ability to view and alter settings remotely.  Site visits are carried out two to three times per year to maintain plants and pumps. SMS text alerts provide instant warnings of any major problems.

Transport for London (TfL)
Edgware Road Underground Station, London

TfL Green Wall at Edgware Road
Biotecture green wall at Edgware Road
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